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Tennis Academy


Does your child have what it takes to go pro?

program OVERVIEW

BHTC Academy After-School is a program for committed tennis players, built for tennis players that are interested in bringing their tennis into a different level and reach their true potential; developing all areas of the sport: Mental, Fitness, Technique, Strategy and Footwork overall. Our Mission for the players is to build strong athletes with proactive mindset that can deal with fast problem solving and discipline. Academy players will follow the BHTC training methodology* with the intention to develop players in an accelerated training method to improve their USTA, ITF standing and UTR rating. The Academy program is divided in two blocks of different levels and the MINIMUM level of acceptance is 5.0+ UTR and Directors evaluation required. To be admitted in the second level of Academy needs to be MINIMUM level of 6.5+ UTR and Directors evaluation.

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