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Does your child have what it takes to go pro?

program OVERVIEW

Tennis is usually known as one of the hardest sports to master. Forehand, backhand, volleys and serve are strokes that can only be perfect when the technique is taught in the right way. After certain point, tennis players can execute these gestures naturally.

Likewise, a great effort and dedication is needed for the mental and physical aspect of the sport. BHTC Academy Program offers the best coaching and training to the players that are willing to reach a high-level professional career in the East Coast.

The experience and results in the Professional Tour of our team of coaches is outstanding. Their knowledge will be important for a great preparation of the students that join our Academy team. This program is design for tennis players interested in achieving better results in their National Ranking, ITF Ranking and Professional Ranking (ATP & WTA).

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BHTC is fully committed with our players' success, which is why we offer limited-merit scholarships for players that excel. BHTC understands that many players have conditions to be top-players, but in many cases, they lack the required economic support. BHTC wants to fill that economic gap that some of our players have. These selected players need to have all the elements that a professional player have. This is not limited to their tennis skills, it also includes how they behave as people, and their academic performance. 

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