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Red Ball

Orange and Green Ball

Red Ball - Ages: 5-6

Orange ball-Ages: 7-8; Green Dot Ball-Ages: 9-10

This program focuses on the development of motor skills, movement, eye-ball coordination and tracking skills. Drills and exercises are designed to help each child to learn to recognize and adjust to a ball in motion and begin to learn how to make solid contact racquet-ball in the basic strokes of tennis. We will focus on making a fun, positive and smooth introduction to tennis to develop the passion for the sport

This is a continuation of the USTA's NET GENERATION Program that builds on the foundation of sound and feel of the tennis ball in the racquet, hand-eye coordination and athleticism. Our team of coaches will begin to introduce stroke production for control of the ball and ultimately being able to rally in a live-ball situation. We will focus on building confidence, a right technique, having fun and optimization of player's progress.

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