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Anthony Carter is our new Fitness coach. He is a speed, strength and agility performance specialist. Coach Anthony spent over 10 years coaching football and working as a personal trainer. After coaching Football, Anthony decided to combine fitness and coaching to become a sports performance specialist. Coach Anthony was educated by two of the best and most knowledgeable coaches  in the business, Bill Parisi and Martin Rooney, founders of the Parisi Speed School. After completing his training, Anthony successfully opened and managed two Parisi Speed School facilities (Princeton and  Manasquan NJ). In 2010, he decided to venture out and start his own company: Breakthrough  Functional Fitness. Throughout the past 10 years, coach Anthony has trained thousands of athletes of  all ages and skilled levels, including numerous high school and college teams. Anthony has used his experience and knowledge to develop some of the most exciting adult fitness classes in the area.  Private sessions will be offered at BHTC for $50 an hour.  

Anthony Carter

Fitness Coach

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