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Sadie Reilly is an experienced pickleball player, coach, and leader in New Jersey to promote pickleball. She is the ambassador for the USA Pickleball Association and the International Federation of Pickleball, which comprises 64 member countries. Sadie is a Selkirk Teaching Advocate and a certified coach for Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR). She also is the President of the non-profit U.S. Women’s Pickleball Association. She is an active member of the Monmouth Pickleball Club. For years, Sadie has been running demos, clinics, and tournaments for adults, children, and special needs athletes. She is a pioneer in coaching special needs athletes in pickleball. She loves both the game of pickleball and its social aspects, including her extended pickleball family, and she always enjoys meeting new players. Sadie believes that we should all “Practice For Our Bad Days” because with practice, even if you have an off day, you can still do well! 

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Sadie Reilly

Pickleball Director

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