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BHTC is excited to introduce Tennis in No Time (TNT). 

The only requirement needed for TNT participants to be part of this team is to open to learn and new experiences. Our new staff of Tennis Pros is going to be in charge of you and your progress.

Each TNT lesson consists of 6 mandatory sessions of 60-minutes on-court tennis development where you’ll learn how to forehand, backhand, volley, lob, serve, and serve return, as well as the basic tactics of singles and doubles play. You’ll also learn with two different types of balls, the red ball and the orange ball. These lower compression, lighter weight balls slow the speed and lower the bounce, making it easier to rally and allowing for more repetitions. 

Our Tennis Pros will be motivating and engaging participants in interactive drills and partner play to promote technique development and team bonding.

Off-court, our Tennis Pros will provide information related to the game that it's going to be useful for the comprehension of the game. 

Tennis has ever been acclaimed from all disciplines as one that develops great benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our promise is to inspire you through Movement, Community and Personal Attention. TNT does all of that. We look forward to teaching you the game of a lifetime.  

Completing the TNT program, adults will be ready for "Drill & Play." 

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