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Video Analysis Room


At BHTC, we focus on video analysis that illustrates the flaws as well as the strengths of each player’s technique. The difference between a professional and collegiate player is visualized within their tennis strokes and body mechanics. A decade of researching top professional players has confirmed that slow-motion video analysis is a decisive tool for improving performance.  

These small technicalities in technique often go missed by the naked eye throughout a lesson; a tennis swing occurs in mere second and the human eye is only able to see 30 frames per second. Coaches often miss mistakes that occur in real time. Key body movements (or the swing path) is vital to every player's success on the court. BHTC possesses state of the art three axes (3D) video analysis system along with a team of the knowledgeable coaches that can evaluate the smallest details in a player's motions. Improving these motions will dramatically improve a player’s ability to generate power, topspin, and depth. 

Contact our Tennis Director, Carlos Martinez for our session rates.

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